Many people continuously wonder how a person can get so addicted to drugs and sometimes even mistakenly think that people who are addicted to drugs are morally wrong and drug addicts can stop being addicted to drugs just by choosing not to do drugs. But if you take a closer look, drug addiction is a serious issue, and one cannot quit it just by taking strong decisions. When people use drugs on a regular basis, it changes their brains and it that makes it extremely hard for them to quit.

What do we mean by drug addiction?

Drug addiction can be classified as a chronic addiction where people seek drugs and have a compulsion consume more. It can be very hard for drug addicts to control themselves even though they know that drugs have harmful consequences. During the initial stages people might take pills voluntarily but when they consume it on a regular basis their brains slowly starts to get used to it, and people find it so hard to quit from consuming drugs.

Changes that happen to our brain:

Dopamine gets flooded into our brain, and it makes our mind think that it is being rewarded. Dopamine controls the ability of our body to feel pleasured and it also motivates a person to repeat the processes to get that thrive again and again. Their brain gets adjusted to the excess dopamine that is consumed, and this reduces the ability to feel rewarded. Thus when a person takes drugs they will not be able to feel rewarded and try to consume more to get that feeling. So as you take drugs, you will feel less rewarded and thus start to take more and more of drugs to get the same high you initially got.

A prolonged and high dosage of drugs can impair functions like learning, judgement, stress, behaviour, decision making, memory etc. Despite knowing all these harmful consequences, people consume drugs as it has become an addiction.

Why are some people more addicted to drugs more than others?

There is no one particular factor which will make a person addicted to drugs. There are combinations of factors which can increase the risk of a person being addicted to drugs. The following are some of them:


If you are likely to be with people who are drug addicts you tend to take drugs. There might be influences from family and friends. Drug addiction can also be caused due to physical abuses or sexual abuses, and the person finds pills as it provides them with the pleasure which they otherwise could not find it in their circles.




Studies have shown that our genes can alter the way how we respond to drugs. People with mental disorders can also be significantly influenced to take drugs.


If you tend to consume drugs at an earlier age in life, then you tend to be more addicted to it in the future.


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